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Photo Gallery

These are family photos that I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy them.

John & Hannah Keefe with baby, Catherine

Walter Alfred Meller, Sr. - 1906-1936

Cary Wilkinson, M.D. home in Galveston, Texas

Claude C. Wilkinson - 1883-1944

Nelye Motherspaw - 1892-1927

Harriet Lucinda Henry Jackson - 1850-1931

Sister Margaret Ermentrude Grismer - 1884-1960

Ora Ethel Martin Motherspaw, Nellye Motherspaw and friend

Dr. Samuel Towsey circa 1811-1890

Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" Towsey 1852-1934

Keefe Sisters & other Keefe pictures

Bro. Bertram Grismer - 1893-1973

Anna Grismer Meller (1881-1965) and Alfred Schindel Meller (1891-1959)

Walter Meller, Jr.

Motherspaw/Meller Wedding Party - 1953

Jeremiah Wilson (1895-1954) and Belva Mary Wertz Weicht (1894-1988)

Wertz Farm

Hurley-Kamin Wedding circa 1940's

Mary Elizabeth Kinser Weicht - 1871-1906

Walt & Teresa

Mavis, Shirley and Pamela